Almost a year ago, Slovak automobile designer Jozef Kaban moved from the Volkswagen Group to BMW to replace Karim Habib and become a member of the BMW design team led by Chief Designer Adrian van Hooydonk. The company’s recent designs have generated mixed feelings as while the latest production cars have been criticized for looking too much like their predecessors, concepts such as the Z4 and 8 Series have been highly appreciated by BMW fans.

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The Bugatti Veyron’s designer was eager to talk about what the future has in tow as far as the company’s styling approach is concerned. Speaking with BMWBLOG during the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, the former Skoda chief designer promised the plan is to boost diversity among models by coming out with differentiated designs from one model to the other as a response to the feedback received from customers:

“With the portfolio of the brand, we’ve had [an opportunity] to talk to customers, and I think with this portfolio, we’re planning in the future to split them a little bit, to diverse them a little bit.”

When asked about the prospects of a new supercar, Kaban liked the idea and even dropped a subtle hint about a high-performance model: “BMW is doing great cars, maybe there is space to dream about the next [new car], maybe something more extreme.” While that’s not exactly a firm “yes, we will do,” it’s enough to leave the door open for something along the lines of an M1 spiritual successor. Having been involved in the Veyron’s design team, let’s just say that he certainly knows a thing or two about supercars.

In related news, the first BMW product penned entirely by Kaban and his colleagues will be the next-generation 7 Series slated to arrive in roughly 3-4 years from now. Meanwhile, expect to see more concepts signaling the company’s fresh design language.


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