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Lamborghini is a bit of a holdout in the supercar world when it comes to electrification, but that could be changing. As wonderfully old-school awesome as the Aventador is with its mind-melting, naturally aspirated V12, it’s already seven years old and slated for replacement in the relatively near future. When that happens, the next super Lambo could finally take the plunge with a gasoline-electric powertrain.

Motor Authority had occasion to speak with Lamborghini’s Research and Development Director Maurizio Reggiani last week during press events at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. That discussion included something of a touchy topic for Lamborghini purists, namely the development of a hybrid hypercar. It’s no longer a question if such a thing will happen but when, and according to Reggiani, that time will likely come when the Aventador’s successor comes to fruition.

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“With the new Aventador we must decide what will be the future of the super sports car in terms of electric contribution,” he told Motor Authority. “What way to manage the weight coming from electrification, and to be able to guarantee every way to have the DNA of a super sports car.”

Weight is certainly a big concern at Lamborghini, as the Aventador already tips the scales at just over 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg). For the record, that’s significantly more than hybrid hypercar competition from McLaren and Ferrari despite the added weight of electric components and battery packs. In fact, weight is such an issue on the Aventador that Reggiani even said it’s why the car soldiers on with a single-clutch gearbox.

Considering the Aventador is already awash with carbon fiber, reducing mass for the next-generation Lamborghini hypercar could well be the company’s biggest challenge, but it’s one that must be faced. Fear not, however, for Reggiani emphasizes that a proper Italian V12 will remain part of the equation. Considering the Aventador’s mill already makes 740 horsepower, a modest electric boost would send the new car beyond the magic 1,000 mark. Even if it is a bit portly, that’s a mental Lambo we’d love to drive.

Source:  Motor Authority

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