Find out more about the possible new car in the MINI line. The story inside.

MINI is working on a new, entry-level concept car that could be introduced to the public at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, according to Autoweek.  Citing unnamed sources within the brand, Autoweek says the entry level car could get the greenlight if it is met with a positive reaction.

The car is expected to be a two-seater, unlike the MINI Spiritual Concept seen here, though it could end up with three spaces for passengers.  Based on a modified front-wheel-drive platform made for a front-engined car, the sub-Cooper would have a shortened wheelbase that could put it in line with the Toyota iQ or the Smart ForTwo.

"The idea to create a highly compact Mini model is one that has been on the agenda for quite a while," the source reportedly told the magazine.  "On the outside it would appear a natural fit for the brand, but profitability is a major concern at this end of the market.

"It's one thing making a good-looking small car, but it's another thing making money on it,” the source concluded.

Potential names for the tiny urban vehicle include MINI Minor and MINI Mini.  It would likely get a more retro look than that of the Spiritual, which debuted in Geneva in 1997, four years before the new Cooper went into production.

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