The midlife pep up for the Mecredes GL-Class has now been spotted after our spies caught this prototype earlier this week.

The Mercedes GL Class first hit the market in 2006 and going by the Mercedes normal vehicle lifecyle of around six years, we should be seeing a mid-life pep up some time next year. This pep up has now been spotted almost undisguised by our spies earlier this week.

Looking at the front end of this prototype we can see much of it will stay unchanged apart from the area within the fender flare which appears to have redesigned fog lights and outer air intakes hiding beneath that camouflage. The rear takes a similar theme with the black clad camouflage hiding the rear fog lights area, we can also see modifications will be made to the rear bumper and taillights as well.

Engines are expected to stay largely unchanged, however due to the minor already mentioned, Mercedes will have to make some interior and equipment modifications to really pass this off as a facelift.

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