Last right-hand-drive "Uhr" quattro ever produced is kept by Audi UK in a secret place, sealed and dehumidified

Today BBC will start presenting the TV series Ashes to Ashes, which will probably drive people’s attention towards the time travelling story but, for cars fans, attentions will surely be driven towards the Audi quattro that has been used to shoot it. Audi UK seized the opportunity to talk about the last right-hand-drive quattro ever made, and this is this news all about. This amazing car was never registered and is kept by Audi in a secret location. Since it is so precious (and to protect it of any sort of Smeagol/Gollum), the chamber is sealed and dehumidified.

“We would never be able to replace this car and its value to the brand is inestimable” said Jeremy Hicks, director of Audi UK. “Whenever we have exhibited it, we have received a succession of surprisingly high offers, but sadly this particular car, the quattro that started it all for the company in the early eighties, will never be for sale.” If it ever was, how much would it worth? Make your bets, gentleman!

The fact is the TV series will very likely to increase the interest for the “Ur” quattro and make this classic car prices skyrocket. Considering Lancia has even revived the name Delta , and may be thinking of bringing back the Integrale, let’s hope Audi is also in a nostalgic mood and maybe willing to take the amazing quattro into life again, not only as a version of already existing cars.

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