With requirements like these, who needs the special paint? Find out more inside.

Customers wanting to buy the BMW M3 in Frozen Gray matte exterior paint are being forced to sign a statement that the automaker is not liable for damage to the car's paint.  Refusing to sign the paper could result in the sale being cancelled.

Treatment of the car's specialized paint means the owners must never polish or wax the vehicle, or enter an automatic car wash that uses hot wax.  A high pressure rinse is also required before hitting the auto wash.  The car must be treated with kid gloves by the owner, who must remove excrement (huh?), fuel, insects, oil, sap and tar immediately with a sponge, while taking care not to rub the paint too hard.

Repairs may only be completed by a BMW-certified body shop.  Any damage to the paint caused by nature, poor mechanics, bad or incomplete home care, or negligent behavior will not be covered by the vehicle warranty.


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