911 Speedster set to come with a 3.8 liter, straight-six with 407 PS (300 kW). Limited series of 100 units expected to debut later this year, according to Autoexpress.co.uk.

Auto Express is reporting that, according to a leaked document, Porsche is working on a 911 Speedster for a year-end release.

The last Speedster series that Porsche produced was the second generation 911 platform dubbed 964 which had a limited run in 1989-1990 with less than 1,000 units built (936). That Speedster itself was inspired by the 356 Speedster from the 1950s.

The partial image published here offers a glimpse as to how a future 911 Speedster might look like. Certainly it offers the design cues of Porsche speedster tradition, with the large, double-hump bonnet over the rear-mounted engine, the low-cut windshield and the wider body. The 911 Speedster is also expected with a canvass roof, similar to the current Boxster Spyder.

Powering the 911 Speedster will be a 3.8 liter straight-six from the 911 Sport Classic with 408 PS (300 kW / 402 bhp). 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) will take 4.5 seconds and top speed is a comfy 306 km/h (190 mph).

The 911 Speedster will be limited to around 100 units and is expected to debut later this year. Prices will be around £200,000 (€238,634).

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