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The Acura Type S nameplate is reborn. The company announced today at the Detroit Auto Show that it would be reviving the performance marque throughout its lineup – though they neglected to give any specifics apart from the use of a turbocharged V6. But sitting down with the company at the Detroit Auto Show may have revealed some telling details about the upcoming addition.

In an interview with Zach Vlasuk, a PR representative for the company, he said that the goal of the Type S brand was to further "differentiate themselves from Honda" in terms of performance. Though, granted, the jump shouldn’t be all that drastic – the most powerful vehicle in the Honda lineup is the 306-horsepower (228-kilowatt) Civic Type R, after all.

Without going into specifics, he suggested that the Type S nameplate may not compete directly with the likes BMW M of Mercedes-AMG at launch, instead it would be comparable to cars like the "Mercedes C43," he suggested. The TLX seems like the first likely candidate for the conversion – but that doesn’t mean there won’t be even more hardcore vehicles down the line.

Already there’s been plenty of evidence to suggest that a more powerful version of the NSX supercar is on its way. A recent patent filing previewed the NSX with new air dams, providing improved structural rigidity and allowing for better airflow. There have also been spy shots of a hotter NSX springing around the Nürburgring. 

Until we have hard details, though, we’ll have to wait until the Type S makes its debut in the range. It’s unclear exactly when the new badge will show up, but it will be sold alongside the A-Spec. The RDX SUV will be the next vehicle to get the warmed-over A-Spec treatment, while the Type S will be far more encompassing in terms of mechanical upgrades.

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