How can you say no to such a cute face?

Hitting your local cars and coffee likely means seeing several variations of the same car – Corvettes, 991s, Mustangs, and various other staples. However, when something truly unique rolls in, it gathers a crowd of eager onlookers trying to get the best Instagram photo. One way to stand out from the crowd of beige is to check out this converted 1957 BMW Isetta that has been turned into a pickup truck.

The regular Isetta is a microcar ­– a tiny two-door runabout designed for cramped city streets in Europe. However, this one is different as it was converted into a pickup truck with a bed. The car was originally converted by a BMW master technician who worked in Munich before moving to Canada where the owner performed such truck conversions for shop work.

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The seller of this truck acquired the Isetta pickup two years ago and had some extensive work done to bring it to its current condition. The yellow vinyl was removed, replaced with a bare-metal repaint in non-metallic green. The interior was reupholstered in black vinyl with white contrasting piping along with adding new carpet and headliner. Even the old pickup bed was replaced with Brazilian Balau hardwood, which looks splendid.

Power comes from a 1.6-liter Volkswagen flat-four engine paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. Maintenance work included new spark plug and batteries, and two front tires. If you were hoping for mileage, sorry. No odometer is present inside. However, the speedometer and tachometer do work.

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The Isetta is currently in Calgary, Canada while being sold on The current bid is $8,950 with three days left to bid.

No, this isn’t some exotic sports car that will get your more speeding tickets than you can pay. The Isetta pickup is just something that's unique – and you don’t have to be flashy or fast to be interesting.


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