All-wheel drive does come in handy.

After a vicious cold snap and more than one snow storm ravaging various parts of the U.S. the last few weeks, seeing a car skidded off into a ditch isn’t a rare occurrence. Sadly, it’s quite common. Deteriorating road conditions along with inexperienced drivers is a recipe for tow truck companies to make bank. However, there are often more than enough good people in the world to at least try to save others from being stranded in the snow, like in this video where an Audi 80 with quattro all-wheel drive pulls a stuck BMW 3 Series from a snow-covered ditch.


The BMW is clearly in a bad place, starting with two wheels off the road. It does take the Audi 80 quite the distance to pull the 3 Series back onto the road. At first, it looks like the Audi is only making things worse for the BMW driver, a third wheel slipping off the road as the BMW is pulled down the side of the road, half in a ditch. It looks like the Audi just pulls the BMW along until the ditch becomes shallower, making it easier for the BMW to get back onto the road. Even the Audi was struggling to maintain traction.

Slush can easily pull a car into a ditch if a driver isn’t careful. In the short video, it is hard to see if the 3 Series got stuck by general driver error or due to some wintery shenanigans. The Audi certainly had to work at saving the BMW.

This time of year, it’s always fun to see cars from rival companies save one another from the elements. It also highlights the importance of how versatile all-wheel drive can be. It is certainly not an end-all-be-all for winter driving, but it does make a difference. Take all-wheel drive and add winter tires and you have a good chance of surviving the snow.

Source: asTUBE via YouTube

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