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By now you’ve probably read all about the many engineering changes for the 2019 Ram 1500, but the truck also has a brand new look. Everything has been restyled and redesigned, both inside and out. Take a closer look at what’s different about this year’s Ram 1500.


Front view

2018 Ram 1500
2019 Ram 1500

Perhaps t he most obvious change up front is the new valley in the hood's power bulge that cuts into the top of the grille surround. Moreover, all of the new Ram 1500's various grille designs are shorter in terms of height and wider, visually, with sleeker headlights (optionally with LEDs) at either side. It's a treatment that manages to make the Ram's nose look a little less imposing. You'll also note that engine-designation badges have moved from the front doors to the hood, and that chrome trim now wraps all the way around the daylight opening (not just part of it) on high-trim trucks. Although you can't see it, a spoiler deploys from beneath the front bumper at speed to cut aero drag and thus improve highway fuel economy.

Rear view

2018 Ram 1500
2019 Ram 1500

Out back there are plenty of changes to see, too. For starters, there's a new Ram's head logo that's used on the aluminum tailgate. The dual exhaust tips are now half an inch bigger in diameter on either side. A two-level bumper designs makes it just a little easier to get a foot up and climb into the bed. The taillights have a much more modern look, with angled edges on the rear bed sides. In fact, those bed sides are higher than before to help with aerodynamic performance. And at the top of the cab, the roof has been subtly sculpted to help improved aerodynamics.

The interior


2018 Ram 1500 interior
2019 Ram 1500

As for the cabin, Ram's designers and engineers installed an updated steering wheel with more stylish buttons, a revised instrument cluster, a new upper glovebox door that slides up rather than popping forward, and new movable cupholders in the center console. All of the center-stack controls have been changed, and on the model shown here, the Ram's optional 12-inch vertical touchscreen is on display. You can also spot two of the five USB Type A/C ports, plus the top of the much roomier center console storage bin. And the Limited truck pictured here shows off its genuine wood trim, metal speaker grilles, and stitched leather interior adornments. 

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