This is art.

Whenever your car is in an accident and heads to the service shop for repairs, it’s almost like a magic trick. The garage door is the cloth draped across the trick of repairing your car. You leave it there long enough and the creases are gone, the paint is free of scratches, and the glass is repaired. Seeing a repair step-by-step is almost like peeking behind the magician’s curtain. However, instead of being disappointed the trick hinged on just a sleight of hand, seeing a car repair done step-by-step is truly magical ­­– like this repair of a BMW X5 that not-so-kindly met an elk on the road.

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The 12-minute video is a guide from a master at his craft. Hitting any large animal is a recipe for insurance disaster, especially an animal as large and as meaty as an elk. It’s surprising there isn’t more damage. The owner is certainly lucky. It’s mesmerizing to watch Arthur Tussik disassemble the X5 and give a such a detailed explanation of what he’s doing as he cuts, grinds, and puts the BMW back together. The time alone into the videos should show just how dedicated he is at being as perfect as he can at something. The video even has translated subtitles, which is nice as English doesn’t sound like his native language. 

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The video, which is obviously sped up and edited for time, makes the nine days of work look like a breeze, even if they were anything but. Tussik spent five days doing metal work while paint took an additional four days. That is a lot of time and dedication to just one vehicle, especially when time is money in the automotive repair industry. However, considering the high-quality work Tussik completes, there is probably plenty of damages vehicles waiting repair. And that’s not a bad thing when you're Tussik. 

Source: Arthur Tussik via YouTube

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