Infiniti has revealed the front end of its Detroit-bound Q Inspiration Concept, but the company did it in the weirdest place. Rather than revealing the important vehicle with great fanfare, this image arrived in the firm's annual sales announcement with no additional details about the curvaceous sedan.


The Q Inspiration Concept has a bizarre face. Rather than traditional grille, there's an array of tightly packed vertical strakes. From this image, it's hard to tell whether these elements open into the engine bay or if they are simply an aesthetic flourish. A pair of intakes in the fascia would still allow for cooling the powerplant or they could function as aerodynamic aids. Additional inlets ahead of the wheels add a sporty appearance and would allow for brake cooling.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

The deep cuts in the hood add a lot of style. An earlier teaser suggests that inlets at the top of the grille make these functional aero elements, in addition to looking good. The sharp-edged headlights look like slashes in the front end, too.

The photo also provides a small look inside the concept. The cabin appears fairly spartan, including relatively unadorned seats and a simple rear bench. The mostly glass roof and thin pillars should provide good visibility, though.

Infiniti Detroit Car Concept Darkened

The Q Inspiration Concept signals Infiniti's future design direction, and it certainly looks adventurous. The company also says that this vehicle is a preview of its future flagship sedan that arrives in a few years. Compared to more traditional high-end competitors like the BMW 7 Series or Audi A8, this Infiniti would be a radical alternative. 

Infiniti doesn't yet offer any firm powertrain details about the concept other than its design imagines "a shift toward smarter, more compact, and less intrusive powertrains." One possibility that fits this idea is using the firm's variable-compression 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Source: Infiniti

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