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On January 9, Iftach Shimonovitc's dashcam captured a driver making an amazing save on the highway. If anything had gone wrong, there could have been several accidents on the highway. According to WSVN-TV 7 News Miami, this action happened in the southbound lanes of I-95 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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The clip opens with light traffic on the road, and the dashcam's display shows that it's around 5:40 PM local time. A white Toyota Camry drives past Shimonovitc on the left, but a silver Saturn Ion in front of him decides to change to that lane at the same time without using a blinker. This is where the trouble starts. 

In the span of just a few seconds, the Camry narrowly changes lanes to avoid hitting the Ion, and the Toyota cuts off another car in the process. Meanwhile, the Saturn gets into a real mess. The Ion driver finally notices the Camry and swerves back into the lane. The driver over-corrects, though, which sends the car into a big spin. 

The Ion crosses three lanes of traffic and ends up driving backwards for a couple seconds, which must be absolutely terrifying. The Saturn then does a 180-degree pirouette back into its starting lane. It's here where the Ion narrowly avoids its a t-bone accident with another vehicle. The clip ends with the Ion finally getting back under control.

During all of this action, Shimonovitc appears to remain calm. He maintains his vehicle in its lane and simply slows down to avoid the car spinning in front of him. 

This clip is reminiscent of a recent video of a Jeep Grand Cherokee doing a 720-degree spin without crashing. However, that person at least gets the benefit of the doubt for losing control after hitting a patch of black ice. The driver of this Saturn could have avoided a scary experience by checking his or her mirrors before making a lane change.

Source: Iftach Shimonovitc via Facebook, WSVN-TV 7 News Miami

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