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2017 proved to be another successful year for the Porsche brand. Not only did the company sell more than 246,000 vehicles, exceeding its sales figure by four percent over the previous year, but it also managed to move a record amount of SUVs, specifically the smaller Macan.

A total of 97,000 Macans were sold in 2017, everything from the base model to the high-powered turbo. That number represents a two percent increase over the previous year, and marks the Macans best sales year to date. That sales figure is impressive for more than one reason, though. Not only is Porsche closing in on 100,000 examples per year, but the Macan SUV now outsells the 911 at a rate of three-to-one.

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The company sold just about 25,000 examples of the famed 911 sports car in 2017, which itself represents a six percent increase over the previous year. Updated versions of the 911 S and GTS, as well as new high-performance variants like the GT3 and GT2 RS undoubtedly helped boost that figure. 

2018 Porsche Macan Turbo: Review
2018 Porsche Macan Turbo: Review

The new Panamera, meanwhile, saw a record 28,000 examples sold in 2017. That number represents an impressive 83-percent increase over the previous year. The new Panamera E-Hybrid and Turbo can be contributed, in part, to the massive increase. All told, the Porsche brand saw increases across the board, the lone decrease coming in its home region of Germany.

Worldwide Porsche saw a four percent increase. In China, a significant 10-percent increase helped propel aspects of the brand, while Asia-Pacifica, Africa, and Middle East, represented another six-percent increase. The U.S. saw a slight increase of two percent, while Germany saw the lone decrease from 29,247 examples in 2016, to 28,317 in 2017, minus three percent.

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