The Grand Tour’s second season continues with episode number six, which aims to prove that “old Jaguars are not only stylish and roguish, but also strong and reliable.” Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May take on a road trip across Colorado and, after a number of challenges, the trio decides to avoid spending some money on a ski equipment and lift by going skiing in their cars. This is something we've been teased about in the Season 2 trailer last year.

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But before that, the former Top Gear hosts lap a dirt track too see who's faster and test their Jaguars in 0-100-0 miles per hour (0-160-0 kilometers per hour) runs at America’s highest commercial airport. Meanwhile, a GMC race truck shows us what real off-road action looks like.

In the Celebrity Face Off section, which pits against each other two celebrities in a track race, Kiefer Sutherland goes versus Luke Evans to find "the world’s fastest actor whose middle name is George.”

The Grand Tour Episode 6 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 6 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 6 Teaser

“It was fantastic, really fun and it was a beautiful day as well,” Evans comments his run. “I haven’t got a clue if I’ve beaten Kiefer. It is very difficult to know. Weirdly, my best lap was the one when I thought I wasn’t even thinking about the lap itself.” Kiefer adds: “This morning was great! I have no idea if I’ve won. I think the nice thing about getting to my age is that over time you just lower your own expectations. I’m just so glad that I didn’t hurt myself or anybody else.”

Episode six of The Grand Tour will be available on Amazon Prime Video from this Friday, January 12.

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