Attempting to make the Senna even more spectacular is no easy task, but these design exercises are quite interesting.

It’s safe to say the new McLaren Senna has some pretty big shoes to fill taking into account the limited-edition supercar has been named after one of the most important racing drivers of all time. Just 500 vehicles will see the light of production day to honor Ayrton Senna da Silva and all of them are going to be coupes. But what if it were to lose its roof?


Aksyonov Nikita was curious to see an open-top version and decided to digitally remove the fixed roof to transform the Senna into an old-school speedster. He gave it a small windscreen up front and a roll bar behind the driver. The party piece is the exposed engine area harkening back to the old days. Will such a version ever exist in the real world? Seems highly unlikely, although Zagato and Aston Martin have proven a lot of great coachbuilder projects can come to life as long as there’s enough demand to justify the efforts.

Aside from imagining the latest McLaren without a roof, the author also rendered the 789-horsepower machine as a race-spec prototype for Le Mans. As such, the hypothetical LMP conversion has gained a massive tail fin to boost airflow and send it towards the rear wing. The regular version of the Senna, if we can call it “regular,” already looks more suitable for the track than for public roads, so this add-on makes sense when you think about.

Just for fun, a third render published on Behance shows a Senna version that certainly wouldn’t mind getting a little bit dirty after gaining a set of tracks.

Out of the three, we would take the speedster.

Source: Aksyonov Nikita / Behance

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