Why do adults get to have all the fun? Playmobil is now bringing the excitement of Porsche racing cars to children as young as four years old, thanks to a new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup toy set.

The Playmobil kit is an accurate – if very scaled-down – recreation of the 911 GT3 Cup we saw introduced way back in 2016. The car itself has a removable roof panel and working lights, and comes with two figurines, plus a collection of “pit lane” parts like spare tires, tools, a checkered flag, and so on. The two sets of tires even have different tire profiles, so kids can pretend they’re swapping slicks for rain tires, or vice versa.

Another 911 To Play WIth

What’s really impressive is much detail was included on the toy version of the racing car: Michelin stickers, red fabric door-pull straps, center-locking wheels, and so on. Still, it’s not a patch on the genuine life-sized race machine. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is a purpose-build version of the road car, with a 3.8-liter flat-six engine that’s good for 460 horsepower, plus a six-speed sequential transmission. It boasts a welded-in roll cage, fire extinguisher, racing instrument cluster, and various other race-ready components. Those racing slick tires measure 10.6 inches wide in front and 12.2 inches wide in back. As to deceleration, the GT3 Cup wears 14.9-inch rotors all round, with six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers.

The new GT3 Cup set follows up on Playmobil’s earlier 911 Targa 4S, which likewise had functional lights and a removable roof. Want more Porsche-themed toys? The Lego Technic collection has a 911 GT3 RS set with a whopping 2,704 pieces; it’ll set you back a cool $299.99. Lego even made a full-size version of the car for a display in a Swedish mall.

The Playmobil Porsche 911 GT3 Cup toy set is on sale this month from $44.99.

Source: Playmobil

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PLAYMOBIL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

PLAYMOBIL  Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (9225): Race to the finish line with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. This top-line racing car is primed and ready to hit the track! Got a flat? Don’t worry – just pullover at the pit stop.  The mechanic will get it changed in seconds and have you back in the race.  Celebrate your victory across the finish line with the winner’s cup. Functioning front and rear lights add a cool effect as you chase other cars around the track, while the removable roof makes it easy to access the car’s interior. Set includes two figures, Porsche car with sponsor decals, mechanic tools, spare tire, racing flag, helmet, and tons of other accessories. 

Available: January 2018    Age: 4+      MSRP: $44.99