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Automotive tug-of-war contests are dumb. It has nothing to do with power, but how much grip a vehicle has. If you doubt that statement, hook a new Ram 1500 to an 80-year old oak tree with zero horsepower and see what happens.

Never the less, such displays seem to occur regularly and eventually end up on YouTube, but at least this time around the contest involves some interesting vehicles. Specifically, we have an Audi S6 Quattro in the left corner, versus a Lada Niva in the right corner. Suffice it to say, this showdown didn’t take place in northern Alabama.

Actually, we’re not sure where this tug-of-war takes place. It was uploaded by asTube, which is based in France. However we suspect the contest itself occurred a bit further to the east. In any case, the poor Lada seems to have a rough time dealing with the Audi despite having a suspension lift, off-road snorkel, and all four tires clawing desperately at the snow. We have no idea what kind of tires are on the Audi, but it clearly wins the battle for grip so it most likely is wearing a proper set of snows. It also looks to be an older C5-era S6 with a 335-horsepower (250 kilowatt) 4.2-liter V8, which tipped the scales at just over 4,000 pounds (1,815 kg) so that surely factored into the Audi’s win as well. Even lifted with four-wheel drive, we doubt the Niva weighs as much.

This video is also a good example of how off-road tires commonly found on trucks – while great for dirt and mud – aren’t the best in snow. With a wider tread pattern, the cleats in such tires don’t grip snow nearly as well as a set of siped tires with narrow blocks and a soft compound. Bigger isn’t always better folks.

Now, how about we see a pull-off between a classic Volkswagen Beetle and a vintage Porsche 911?

Source: asTube via YouTube

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