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Most of us will never be lucky (or wealthy) enough to own a real Toyota 2000GT – Hagerty estimates that a well-kept example should set you back no less than $700,000. But for less than the price of a new Mitsubishi Mirage ($13,395), you could take home this handsome example. You just won’t be able to actually drive it. 

A centerpiece at the 2018 Golden World exhibit at the high-end Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya, Japan, this unique golden Toyota 2000GT was recently offered up for sale. The body is finished entirely in 24-karat gold, apart from the 925 sterling silver wheels and tires, and it costs a cool ¥1.3 million (approximately $11,500). At that price, it’s not exactly the cheapest scale model you’ll be able to find online, but it is one of the prettiest.

24-Karat Gold Toyota 2000GT

Available in two sizes, the smallest "S" version weighs 45 grams and measures in at 10.0x4.0x2.5 centimeters – making its approximately 1:23 scale. The larger "M" version weighs 120 grams, and measures in at 15.3x4.1x6.0 centimeters, or 1:15 scale. Theoretically that leaves room for a larger "L" version, but the company only lists the two versions on its website.

The car was introduced as part of the Japanese new year’s celebrations, and was shown alongside a handful of other golden scale models, including Buddhas, a baseball, and considering that 2018 is the year of the dog, a few shiba inus. Those interested in taking home the 2000GT will have to head to the Matsuzakaya store in person to pick it up – but you can always peruse the department store's website to check it out a bit more before booking your flight to Japan.


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