When most tuners get ahold of a Ford F-150 Raptor, they accentuate the model's rugged, off-road capability by fitting a suspension that raises the ride height to make the model even more capable away from the street. Japan's TRA Kyoto, maker of the Rocket Bunny and Pandem lines of body kits, takes the exact opposite approach for its modded Raptor for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon

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The tuner's Raptor puts a huge emphasis on style over functionality TRA Kyoto overhauls the suspension, so that the pickup's body nearly scrapes the ground. Significantly wider fenders cover meaty all-terrain tires with six-spoke wheels. Dark versions of the truck's circular exhaust outlets emerge from the rear.

The result of this odd look is a bizarre mix of styles. The rugged tires suggest a vehicle that can handle rough terrain. However, the extremely low suspension and aggressive body kit don't look like they would withstand a speed bump let alone any off-road obstacle. 

TRA Kyoto's Raptor is sure to be polarizing, but that's the point. The truck's job to draw visitors to the company's stand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is full of wildly tuned vehicles. In a sea of modified kei cars and crossovers, a widebody, ground-scraping Raptor should be quite an attention grabber.

The photos here are just renderings of TRA Kyoto's modified Raptor – note the lack of brake calipers behind the wheels. We can't wait to see whether the real thing lives up to these images' wild promise.

The Tokyo Auto Salon opens to the public on January 12 and runs through January 14. The gallery below shows off some of the custom machines that automakers have for the show.

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Source: Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto via Facebook

Gallery: Rocket Bunny Ford F-150 Raptor

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