Could a new McLaren F1 be on its way for 2012? Find out what the car might feature, inside.

British automaker McLaren will reportedly release a new hypercar beginning in 2012, according to Autocar.  The F1 successor, allegedly known as P12, would compete with the top models from Ferrari and Lamborghini.  Previous reports pegged the P12 to arrive in 2015.

Insiders at the automaker told the periodical the car will be "revolutionary."  The common belief is that the car will use a 6.0-liter V8 engine mounted at the middle of the car.  Previously, McLaren design chief Frank Stephenson had said the car would have a 240 mph top speed.

One of the car's design features will be focused on the use of lightweight materials, with parts including a carbon-fiber monocoque.  The light car and high speed will require massive stopping power.  This could come from ceramic brakes.

Look for the new car to be inspired by the F1, while maintaining its own distinct look.  The car could keep the central driving position, and may get unique light clusters and wheels to make it more identifiable.

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