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In April last year, Genesis boss Manfred Fitzgerald said the brand is not interested in creating a halo sports car and instead will focus on building vehicles that customers want. Apparently, the top managers at the premium brand from South Korea have changed their minds in the last several months, as now two Hyundai executives have confirmed work on a new Genesis-branded sports car has already started.

The information comes from Hyundai design vice-president Luc Donckerwolke and vice-chairman of research and development, Woong-chul Yang, who hinted to WheelsMagazine that the vehicle will have a two-seat layout and will probably be powered by a hybrid system.

“We are definitely doing it,” Donckerwolke told the online publication. “I’m actually reviewing the project next week, after CES. I can’t tell you much more about it, but we are definitely doing it. We are not going autonomous for all of our cars!"

Contrary to previous reports, the vehicle will be developed in cooperation with Hyundai’s N division under the management of former BMW M boss Albert Biermann. It will receive an advanced hybrid system, consisting of a small gasoline engine and an electric motor, Yang confirmed, by saying the engineers will “certainly” put “some electric powerplant in there.”

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“We are very much interested in it and as far as I’m concerned I’d love to promote that [a sportscar],” Yang commented. “That’s something our brand needs at this time. The people working at N will be working on that, but how we put it in the N or maybe above N… it’s pretty high performance. It’s serious.”

Genesis G70 screenshot from spy video

As for when we will see the sports car (or supercar) on the market, this remains a mystery. Yang told the publication that the design ideas are far ahead of the engineering work, suggesting we could see a concept relatively soon.

Source: WheelsMagazine

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