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The North American International Auto Show is just over a week away, and Nissan is teasing, well, something. The automaker has dropped this short and utterly random video that talks about using strength to protect, purity attracting attention, and tradition being a bridge to the future. We also see weird CG birds flying, a red fish swimming in a black hole, and a bunch of red, white, and black graphics that remind us of Eddie Van Halen’s epic Kramer guitar from the 1980s. We really hope this isn’t a prelude to a new Van Halen / Nissan promo thing.


We suspect this has something to do with the automaker’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility campaign, primarily because the slogan is flashed at the end of the video. It’s also mentioned in the brief (and we do mean brief) press release that accompanied this teaser, the first of three that the manufacturer says will be released before the big show in Detroit. They all will offer clues as to what Nissan plans to unveil at the show; hopefully the forthcoming videos aren’t quite as abstract as this one.

Here’s what we do know. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a snazzy catchphrase for the various tech systems the manufacturer is installing – and hopes to install – in current and future vehicles. Last October the company revealed the IMx Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show, which featured a fully autonomous driving mode with a stated range of 373 miles for its all-electric powertrain. Nissan has been taking steps towards autonomous systems and features that move its vehicles further into the realm of artificial intelligence, so whatever is in store for Detroit, it will likely include some measure of autonomy.

Whether that’s a far-out concept like the IMx or something coming to production in the immediate future, we’ll just have to wait and see what the next trailers have to say.

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Nissan bridges tradition with future mobility in animated teaser ahead of the North American International Auto Show


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – In the first of three animated teasers, Nissan gives a glimpse of what the company plans to reveal at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The artwork demonstrates how Nissan starts with tradition as a bridge to the future of mobility.

Nissan, from the beginning, has worked to bring the right technologies to its full spectrum of vehicles and the most amount of people. This takes more than innovation, it takes ingenuity and that is what Nissan Intelligent Mobility delivers. 
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