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Sky’s the limit when it comes down to Guinness World Records and the automotive industry is no exception. There seems to be an obsession among at least some of the car manufacturers to set the fastest lap time around the Nurburgring. Whether it’s a four-door sedan or an SUV, the ‘Ring is the go-to place to obtain these bragging rights, which in turn are (probably) helping a company sell more cars.


But it’s not all about the Green Hell as BMW through its U.S. division is about to reclaim the world record for the longest drift in an entirely different place. Before we get to that, let’s all remember that back in 2013, BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz drifted the previous-generation M5 for a little over 51 miles (82 km) after covering 322 and a half laps of the track located at the BMW Performance Center near Greenville, South Carolina:

More than a year later, Harald Müller in a Toyota GT86 covered nearly 90 miles (144 km) while going sideways to claim a new Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle drift. Fast forward to June 2017, Toyota shattered the record with another GT86, this time in the hands of South African journalist Jesse Adams, who performed an impressive 102.5-mile (165-km) drift in five hours and 46 minutes.

Now, BMW is about to reclaim the record with its brand new M5 driven by the same Johan Schwartz for no less than eight hours. As the teaser video explains, the rules have changed as drivers are allowed to stop and fill up the tank, but BMW hasn’t done that, nor has it installed a bigger fuel tank as the Bavarians believe that would have been boring.

Instead, a previous-gen M5 has acted as a mobile gas station to refuel its successor mid-drift and allow it to go sideways without having to stop at all. In order to achieve car-to-car refueling, BMW got rid of the old M5’s rear seats to make room for the auxiliary fuel tank necessary to feed the record-breaking car. While transferring 15 to 18 gallons of fuel in approximately 50 seconds, both vehicles were tandem drifting at about two feet from each other.

The stunt has been performed to show the tail-happy capabilities of the xDrive-equipped M5 and highlight its pure RWD mode. To make things easier, the high-performance sedan performed the lengthy drift on a damp surface, though some would call that cheating.

Check back tomorrow when BMW will release a video with the record-breaking attempt, which reminds us of Shell's epic ad from more than 20 years ago with a Ferrari F1 car in motion being refueled by an airplane:

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