Who’s paying for the ice skating lessons?

Imagine you’re driving down the highway, trying to record a slew of vehicles that have gone off the road, when all of a sudden a Jeep Grand Cherokee comes spinning into your lane like a ballet dancer spinning into the judge’s table. In the video above that’s exactly what happened.

The person recording the video appears to be recording a truck with a camper that had gone off the road when all of a sudden a Jeep Grand Cherokee swerves into his lane and onto the shoulder. If the Jeep would have continued on its initial course, it would have gone off the road and likely collided with the camper and a tow truck that was also out in the field.

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However, it looks like the driver saves the Jeep from spinning off the road. But in doing so, the Jeep starts a 720-degree spin right in front of the camera person’s vehicle. It’s remarkable there isn’t a collision, considering it is dangerous to try to record while driving. As the Jeep completes its spin, it looks like it’s heading for the highway exit, but then the driver slowly tries to merge back in front of the camera person’s vehicle.

From the video’s description, it looks like a patch of nasty black ice caused the Jeep to spin. It's also the likely culprit for why the truck and camper were already off the road. When there is black ice on the road, it’s not only hard to spot, but can send vehicles sliding into the ditch.

Thankfully, it appears no one in the video was injured. However, if that Jeep Grand Cherokee hopes of making the U.S. team for the Winter Olympics, it’s going to have to work a little harder on its spin control. This one was a bit sloppy.

Source: LiveLeak

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