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We know the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is quick. With its 707-horsepower (527 kilowatt) Hellcat V8 breathing supercharged fire under the hood, the super SUV is said to hit 60 miles per hour in a scant 3.5 seconds. Our first drive experience with this monster back in August didn’t include testing equipment, but our butt dynos told us Jeep wasn’t exaggerating on that number. One thing we couldn’t experience, obviously, was the claimed top speed of 180 mph.


The folks at Hennessey Performance, however, did have occasion to explore the Trackhawk’s aerodynamic prowess at speed on the company’s test track. Yes, there are all kinds of horses under the hood but a smooth splitter-of-air the Jeep isn’t, and as the speed increases, so does the power required to shove the Grand Cherokee’s brick-shaped body through the air. Can a freaking Jeep Grand Cherokee really hit a buck eighty?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Top Speed

As you’ve no doubt already deduced from the headline and photo, the Trackhawk didn’t quite meet the mark. However, when talking about speeds usually reserved for passenger jets there are all kinds of variables at play. That’s why official top-speed record runs are established using an average speed in two directions, and it’s not uncommon to see variances of 10 mph or more when the needle is so far twisted to the right. Also, the video mentions this is still a new Grand Cherokee that hasn’t been completely broken in yet, so finding a few more digits after some mileage on the Hellcat motor is quite likely.

But here’s the thing: Who cares? Not in the sense that the bonkers Trackhawk is irrelevant, but that it still did 175 miles per hour. A Jeep – with a bunch of seats, cargo space, and a full factory warranty – went faster than a Lamborghini Countach. Whether or not it actually gets that extra five mph is moot as far as we’re concerned. If you want a crazy fast SUV that will hang with the latest crop of supercars after dropping the kids off at school, here’s your ride.

Source:  Hennessey Performance via YouTube

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