This is what happens when you try four-wheeling on a frozen lake.

Winter is here, in case you hadn’t noticed by the near-arctic temperatures throughout much of the U.S. Already we’ve seen snowy conditions strand a Mercedes-AMG 6x6 in Italy, but now the white stuff is wreaking havoc on Chevy Silverado, as well as the backhoe that foolishly tried to fish it out.

On a frozen lake near Madison County, Illinois, a lifted Silverado became the latest victim to the tough winter weather. The truck’s owner told Fox2/News11 that a friend was driving just before sunrise on New Year’s day, and thought that a small frozen lake was actually an empty field. It wasn’t.

The truck managed to travel a few feet on the lake before the ice collapsed underneath it, causing the vehicle become trapped in a few feet of mud and ice. "It’s permafrost," said Austin Opp of the Chain of Rocks Recreation Corp., which owns the land. "It was frozen hard enough that it held him up for a while then it just collapsed in, which what I’d expect him to do."

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The owner attempted to rescue his stranded truck by renting a backhoe to dig it out. That’s when things went from bad to worse. An unnoticeable pocket of ice, sand, and mud gave way underneath the backhoe, causing it to sink and become trapped in ice and mud alongside the truck.

The truck owner could be cited for trespassing, said authorities, but the owners of the land just want the two vehicles out. And this isn’t the first time that they’ve had to deal with illegal four-wheeling. "We’re more afraid the accident where a rollover and little kid gets killed or a girl is with her boyfriend," continued Opp. "This is not a public place to go four-wheeling. With the lack of people out here in the winter, it’s tough."

The vehicles remained stuck for more than a day as authorities weren't willing to risk rescue as late as Wednesday. It’s unclear whether the two vehicles eventually found their way out of the snowy situation.

Source: Fox2 / News 11

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