Okay, we know there are drivers of other car models out there who get caught doing stupid things. Why is it, then, that Mustangs seem to lead the brigade of dumbassery? Take this video, posted recently on Reddit featuring a gloriously bland S197 ‘Stang that we’re pretty sure is packing a 4.0-liter V6 with a not-quite-enough 210 horsepower. We say that because the car looks very much like a base-model Mustang from the mid-2000s, and also, because it completely fails to even remotely spin its back tires.

We have absolutely no backstory on this clip, other than it appears to have occurred at a time when half the U.S. wasn’t in a freaking icebox. The driver was allegedly a young person who just got the car, but honestly, we really don’t need any additional backstory. It can all be summed up in a simple sentence: dumb Mustang driver tries to drift, fails completely, and hits a house. And if you ever wanted a clear cut definition of exactly what understeer is, just watch this video.

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Thankfully, we have the awesome community at Reddit to fill in the gaps on this clip, and by that, we mean a running commentary of hilarious one-liners in response to the action.

  • This Mustang has the C&C suspension package, I see.san_serifs
  • It did a far better job at taking the curb than taking the corner.So_Full_Of_Fail
  • Practice? I've spent hours in Need for Speed Underground 2 when I was younger and beat the drift-king in first try in ProStreet. No need to hold my beer.Proccito
  • Always have a hot Eurobeat mix playing in your stereo. The sonic vibrations stimulate the parts of your brain that are active while driving, and enhance your ability to drift.makemejelly49

To all the Mustang drivers out there, remember this golden rule: if the camera’s rolling, just keep going.

Source: Reddit

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