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With freezing temperatures and snow covering must of eastern America, now is the perfect time to give winter-weary car lovers some inspiration. Shall we simply roll over and accept the wrath of Mother Nature? Shall we trudge quietly into the night, driving crusty SUVs or rusty Subarus while our real cars hide from the onslaught of ice and snow? No! We will fight the worst of winter, just as this brave soul is doing with the absolute best winter beater of all-time – a freaking Ferrari F40.

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. What we see in this Facebook video isn’t exactly the stuff of legends, but still, that’s a million-dollar Ferrari spinning donuts in the snow. Granted these pirouettes are extremely slow motion in what appears to be a very protected and salt-free parking lot, but what did you expect from such an iconic supercar? Besides, blasting up a ski-slope with luggage attached to the roof has already been done.


The donut action comes courtesy of Facebooker Chris Lane, and we have no backstory save for a location stamp of Green, Ohio. That’s in the northeast part of the state, and it was apparently shot on December 30 after a modest snowfall. As for the motivation, let’s be honest – if you had a Ferrari F40 and access to a big parking lot full of clean snow, you know damn well you’d be doing the same thing. Sure, spinning wicked all-wheel drive donuts in something like a Lamborghini Aventador would be way more exciting, but then you run the risk of getting sick and throwing up inside the car. This, on the other hand, is surprisingly soothing. The only thing missing from the graceful clip is a bit of Debussey, Nocturnes perhaps, or the old standby, Clair de Lune.

We have a few months yet until winter breaks, so there’s plenty of time to decide which soundtrack fits this graceful display best. In the meantime, get your F40 fix with our mega gallery of 200 pictures below. Enjoy.

Source: Chris Lane via Facebook

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