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The thought of owning a McLaren P1 is a dream for most. Just 374 road-going examples were produced, each at a cost of around $1.35 million when new. But even more exclusive than the road-going P1 was the track-only P1 GTR that was introduced just over a year later. 

Just 58 examples of the P1 GTR were built, each one designed exclusively for use on the track, and with a price tag of around $2.6 million when new. Of all 58 examples built, less than 30 were converted to be completely street legal by McLaren F1 specialists Lanzante – and this is one of them.

Here's another one:

Available through luxury retailer Tom Hartley Jnr., this unique McLaren P1 GTR comes equipped with its factory-derived 986-horsepower (735-kilowatt) engine, which produces a modest 83 hp (62 kW) more than the road-going model. At less than 3,086 pounds (1,400 kilograms) completely dry, it’s lighter than the standard P1, too. 

McLaren P1 GTR For Sale
McLaren P1 GTR For Sale
McLaren P1 GTR For Sale
McLaren P1 GTR For Sale

The exterior is finished in a handsome grey and red Lark racing livery, which pays homage to the F1 GTR with the same styling that raced throughout the mid '90s. Features like the lightweight wheels, the aggressive front splitter, and the massive rear wing carry over from the factory P1.

The scarce cabin does away with many modern luxuries, and is highlighted by a race-inspired steering wheel, a digital infotainment cluster, and a central touchscreen that gives the driver to access to things like vehicle diagnostics, and controls features like the A/C, of course. Driver and passenger make do with Alcantara sport bucket seats.

The seller doesn’t list a price on its website, but says that the car comes with all of its factory-supplied diagnostic equipment, racing wheels and tires, racing exhaust, and even a tailored car cover. So if you’re in the market for a stunning track-prepped P1, look no further. 

Source: Tom Hartley Jnr.

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