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The guys over at the Warped Perception YouTube channel are back with another episode of their Mercedes-Benz E-Class torturing series. The main goal this time was to see whether the airbags of the old sedan can deploy as a result of a pothole hit. But before the new experiment, the car needed new tires and alloys on all four corners, and a new transmission control module, as it was damaged in the previous runs.

This time, the car, an E320 destined for the scrap yard for unknown reasons, was driven at higher speeds as a simulation of a real-world situation. As one would expect, at a speed of about 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour), the tires just skip right over the pothole. This is basically what happens when you are on the highway and you hit a pothole – there’s an impact, but you don’t actually feel it.

To avoid that, the second run is performed at a slightly lower speed, but the effect is nearly the same. Finally, at run #3, the speed is reduced to 40 mph (62 kph) and – bang! – the right curtain airbag of the Benz deploys and sends a warning message to the computer. But, surprisingly, the tires remain intact.

Mercedes-Benz Hitting Pothole

Apparently, it’s not an easy task to destroy a Mercedes – you know, it’s built like a tank. During run #4 however, the front tire finally explodes, but the rear one remains functional despite the super heavy pothole hit.

For their next episode, the folks behind the channel promise to get “a lot more extreme” and we expect to see some more jumps and hits. Until then, watch the video at the top and learn about the damage you are causing to the suspension of your car when hitting massive potholes. And don’t forget to always avoid them, if possible – it’s healthy.

Source: Warped Perception on YouTube

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