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Automakers spend a lot of time launching a new car. We’re not talking about actually building it, but rather, the PR side of things. As the primary recipients of those efforts, us media types are all too aware of just how much time goes into photo shoots to make sure the car looks just right. The lighting. The positioning. The angle of the wheels. It all must be done to perfection to make the new car look as good as possible.


How is it, then, that so many times we come across quick photos snapped on the fly that make some cars looks so much cooler? Not that the ultra-awesome McLaren Senna looked bad in any of its launch photos – far from it. But these shots posted by Luke Papworth on Instagram make us all tingly.

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We aren’t entirely sure where the car was spotted, save for a gas station somewhere in England. Nor are we sure why these photos just hit us right in the feels. Maybe there’s some special lighting underneath the awning for the pumps, or maybe it’s the old adage that everything looks better in black. This car does look positively menacing in its single shade as opposed to the two-tone orange / black combo we got last month for the Senna’s launch.

Or maybe it’s because cars just flat-out look good in the natural world, doing what cars do. In this case, the fuel station is rather appropriate – we can’t imagine the hypercar’s 4.0-liter, 789-horsepower (588 Kilowatt) biturbo V8 is particularly thrifty when it comes to fuel mileage. Then again, with only 500 cars slated for production at a price tag of $1 million (£750,000) each, such details are surely of no concern to the few who will own one.

But for the rest of us with cameras, we will be watching.

Source:  hampshirephotography via Instagram, YouTube

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