Here comes the next episode of The Grand Tour, and if the teaser trailer is to be believed, there could be a bit of action in taking place. We’ll get the obvious observation out of the way by saying this is apparently the episode where Hammond drives a tank into a shopping mall. At least this time he should be well protected in case he flips the tank on its roof.

We also see James May driving through a fireball, an unknown segment with a dune buggy pulling an epic wheelie, and Jeremy Clarkson attempts to channel Ken Block by sliding around some grass in an older Subaru decked out with cheeky slogans and typical TGT word play. You can bet at some point Clarkson will open the front door of his “Purman Fruit Juice” sponsored Subie to reveal a rather awkward phrase.

The Grand Tour Ep 5 Teaser

This week’s show at least looks to be a bit more exciting than the “unscripted” romp last week. Poking around a bit on the internet we saw more than a few people blogging some choice words about a less-than-impressive effort, with some calling it the worst show of the entire TGT run thus far. Allegedly, the whole point of the episode was to call out the critics who say the show is too scripted by showing what happens when there isn’t a script. Of course there actually was a script, or rather, at least we hope there was. Surely James May didn’t randomly douse someone’s barbeque with a camera crew conveniently waiting in the backyard. And what are the odds of seeing a massive fire-fighting airplane dropping its watery payload on a Lada, perfectly captured on film?

Other teaser clips from TGT:

In any case, that episode seemed to generate some polarizing reviews. It will be interesting to see if the production team anticipated such a reaction by following it up with a rock-em-sock-em good time. We’ll find out shortly with the new episode airing on Amazon Prime Friday morning.

Source: The Grand Tour via YouTube

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