It'll join new examples of the Jetta and Touareg arriving in 2018, too.

Volkswagen will launch its smallest crossover yet in 2018 because the production version of the T-Cross will arrive in showrooms sometime this year. The company confirms the model's introduction in a new teaser trailer that hits the firm's highlights in the coming 12 months. 

Debut date confirmed:

The video doesn't provide any specific details about when or where the T-Cross could make an official debut, but the latest speculation points to sometime early in the year. The Geneva Motor Show in March is a likely site for the unveiling, though. VW premiered the T-Cross Breeze concept there in 2016 as a preview of the little crossover.

Gallery: 2018 Volkswagen T-Cross Spy Photos

The production version of the T-Cross won't be a droptop crossover like the concept. The spy shots above show the road-going variant under development in the snow. The little vehicle looks like a tinier version of VW's existing SUVs, particularly the Tiguan, and it shares the short version of the MQB platform with models like the Polo.

In a mix of white and camouflage, this test mule doesn't appear very visually interesting. However, VW will reportedly offer the production version in vibrant two-tone paint schemes in an effort to make the production version look more exciting.

Powertrain options remain a mystery, but Europeans should be able to pick from a variety of small-displacement turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. Front-wheel drive would be standard, but power for both axles should be available as an option at least for top trims.

While the T-Cross will arrive in European dealers in 2018, Americans will have to wait a little longer because the little CUV will reportedly arrive there in 2019.

Source: Volkswagen News Via YouTube

Gallery: VW T-Cross Breeze concept

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