Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) makes the X5 200 kg (440 pounds) lighter.

BMW recently showcased this lightweight X5 prototype who's body weight is about half that of a first-generation X5.

The material employed here is called CFRP - short for carbon-fiber reinforced plastic - and it provides great weight-saving potential for future vehicles without compromising safety. CFRP is 50 percent lighter than steel but just as strong. It is stable under varied climate conditions and is damage-tolerant and able to absorb energy in a crash.

The lightweight X5 comes with a CFRP unibody structure as well as the hood, roof and rear hatch. Only the doors are made of steel on the body. The overall weight savings for the X5 is about 200 kg or 440 pounds.

The CFRP X5 was shown at the Innovation Days Mobility event in Asia, which is a tour BMW has put on in the region to showcase its latest technologies.

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Secret BMW X5 protoype made of carbon fiber uncovered