It looks like just another custom Wrangler until you pop the hood.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. We do see custom Jeep Wranglers – as does the entire freaking world – every single day of the week and twice on weekends, usually at the local sippy hole. Next to Honda Civics and every child’s first bicycle, Jeep Wranglers are probably the most customized machines on Planet Earth. And at first glance this high-riding red Wrangler appears no different than every other high-riding red Wrangler out there. In fact, a second glance probably wouldn’t reveal anything revolutionary. The interior looks pretty typical for a Jeep, right down to the stock PRND21 shifter for the automatic transmission. Body lift, suspension lift, big tires ... just another Wrangler, right?

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You might not even be inclined to open the hood, unless you happened to catch the SRT10 badge hiding on the backside. Only then would you see that this Wrangler is indeed something you don’t see every day, because there’s a freaking 500-horsepower Viper V10 engine shoved into the Jeep’s comparatively tiny engine compartment. And if you have $52,000, you can shove the whole thing into your garage.

Viper Powered Jeep Wrangler
Viper Powered Jeep Wrangler
Viper Powered Jeep Wrangler
Viper Powered Jeep Wrangler

Yes, this creation is currently for sale on eBay as a classified listing. Jalopnik came upon Jeep and we couldn’t resist the urge to talk about this crazy Wrangler ourselves. You might think the V10 Viper motor is what drew us to this machine, and you’re not entirely wrong. What really has us jazzed up, however, is how this build does such a fantastic job of hiding that massive mill. Everything we said in that first paragraph is absolutely true – this is a great looking Wrangler, but the world is filled with great-looking Wranglers. Get rid of the SRT10 badge on the back and there would be absolutely no indication this was anything more than just another spiffed-up Wrangler.

Normally we’d never call something tricked out like this a sleeper, but considering tricked-out Jeeps are as common as popcorn and sticky floors at a movie theater, the title absolutely fits here. There could be a four-pot sitting under that hood for all anyone would know, shifted by the same boring automatic t-handle you find in any Jeep. There are no hood vents, scoops, snake emblems,gauges, anything to reveal something special under the hood. There’s even a single janky exhaust pipe sticking out the back. Awesome!

It would be so easy to go overboard on advertising the Viper swap in this build, but we love how this Wrangler pretends to just be another nice off-roader instead of a fire-breathing monster.

Source: eBay

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