The crossover could get a new full-length taillight like Panamera Sport Turismo.

We’ve seen a few spy photos of the refreshed Porsche Macan through 2017. The facelift isn’t expected to change the world, but there are some minor tweaks in store for the crossover. This video shows some very slight changes to the headlights and taillights, along with some possible trim updates to the side. This Macan was captured during a particularly heavy downpour so circumstances weren’t ideal for getting a detailed look, but it’s still noteworthy considering the spritely SUV has been on the market for four years now.

What’s interesting about the taillights is that the Macan could be adopting a connected design as seen on the Panamera Sport Turismo. The video does show an opaque cover spanning the Macan’s entire rear gate, suggesting such a connection exists beneath. If that’s the case, the revamped backside would likely mark the biggest update for the crossover.

Porsche Macan Facelift Spy Shot
Porsche Macan Facelift Spy Shot

What else do we know about the forthcoming Macan makeover? It will apparently continue bucking the trend for minimalist interior layouts, choosing to literally have rows of buttons on the center console with traditional gauges behind the steering wheel. It’s a sharp contract to the glass cockpits found in vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and Audi, where most controls are integrated into complex infotainment systems or accessed by voice control.

As for power, it’s a complete mystery what might accompany the updated look. However, like the minimalist design, Porsche isn’t expected to rock the boat when it comes to engines. Small horsepower upgrades to existing mills are most likely, but don’t get too excited about an ultra-high performance Macan. Porsche has said that its SUV/crossover lineup will stay the course primarily as luxurious people movers that are fun-to-drive. Then again, now that Lamborghini has an SUV and is interested in a Nürburgring record, who’s to say what the Macan’s future might hold?

We’ve been speculating for some time as to when the new crossover will be revealed. It’s possible the new face could show up at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, or Porsche might wait for debut closer to home.

Source:  walkoART via YouTube

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