A good samaritan saved this Mazda driver from a potentially deadly situation.

The red-bellied black snake is one of the largest, most venomous snakes in all of Australia – and far too often do residents come across the dangerous animal in the most unlikely of places. In this case, the snake made the engine bay of a Mazda his new home, but thanks thanks to the watchful eye of a good samaritan, the owner of the vehicle avoided coming face to face with the venomous reptile.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Garbutt, the driver of a red Mazda hatchback, found a note on his windshield after a walk in Sydney’s Kurnell skate park. The note read, "Hi. This afternoon a red-belly slithered up into your front left tyre. Please be careful." Garbutt quickly opened the vehicle’s hood and uncovered the large animal curled up on his engine.

"To say I was shocked is an understatement," he told the Sydney Morning Herald in an interview. "On reflection I don't think I would have put my hand out to pop the bonnet if I had known it was there."

Upon discovering the snake, Garbutt quickly called up a local snake wrangler, Andrew Melrose of Shire Snake Catcher of Engadine, who headed out to the vehicle in Kurnell. By the time the snake wrangler arrived on the scene, the animal slithered down further into the engine, making it even more difficult to remove it from the car safely.

"It took about an hour for the snake catcher to coax it out," said Garbutt. "The snake was trying to bite the snake hook. The guy ended up catching it with his hand and just chucked it in a bag."

Thankfully the driver of the Mazda, the wrangler, and the snake all walked – or slithered, rather – away from the incident unharmed. Here's hoping the reptile will avoid engine bays in the future.

Source / Photos:  The Sydney Morning Herald

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