It could also depict another prototype that never sees the light of day.

Remember Shelby SuperCars? No, not the Shelby that puts snake badges and superchargers onto Ford Mustangs. We’re talking about SSC North America – the extremely niche supercar company formerly known as Shelby SuperCars; the one that made waves roughly 10 years ago with its 256-mph SSC Ultimate Aero. Yes, that company.

It’s totally understandable if you needed the reminder. In fact, some of you might be surprised the company still exists. It does exist, though signs of life in recent years have been very hard to see. Announcements from the company are generally as nondescript as they are infrequent, just like this latest teaser which shows, well, something. From this single photo we can determine that the company is working on something resembling a car – one that has headlights and apparently a spoiler that doesn’t connect in the middle. That is, unless the CGI people forgot to add the wing section into this shot.

We aren’t suggesting the car doesn’t actually exist. After all, the SSC Ultimate Aero was definitely a real car, and then around 2011 SSC said it was building a new hypercar called the Tuatara, which was created at least in concept form and did the requisite auto show tour. It was supposed to enter production in 2015, then 2016, and well, here we are now. It’s officially 2018 and we’re still getting car-shaped silhouetted teasers with the promise of something coming.

SSC Tuatara Teaser
SSC Tuatara Prototype

We’ll assume this depicts the aforementioned Tuatara. The silhouette matches the concept car pretty much dead-on, right down to the rear winglets that do in fact sprout from each side without meeting in the middle. Back in the day, SSC was touting the Tuatara as a record-setting hypercar with upwards of 1,350 hp and a top speed over 250 mph. Times have changed since then, so perhaps SSC now has a new-and-improved version ready for production.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details, but don’t hold your breath.

Source:  SSC North America 

Gallery: SSC Tuatara Concept

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