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After tons of spy photos and videos, and some teasers, Mercedes-Benz has finally announced the debut date of the next generation G-Class. The boxy off-roader will debut on January 15, during the second press day of the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.


In this new teaser video, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer highlights the DNA of the iconic rugged SUV, saying that it “impresses under all conditions with its performance, state-of-the-art assistance systems for safety and comfort, superb handling.” Mercedes claims it has developed this DNA further into the new G-Class, also using the #strongerthantime hashtag.

Indeed, the new G will stay true to its predecessors, retaining the boxy shape, but will evolve to feature an independent suspension at the front axle and a tweaked geometry at the back. The old-school recirculating ball steering system will be replaced by a more modern electro-mechanical rack and pinion configuration, which, combined with a healthy weight diet and a reworked AWD system, will make the vehicle better than the outgoing model in just about every single possible way.

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Probably the biggest mystery surrounding the new G is the engine lineup. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but we expect to see the newly launched 2.9-liter inline-six diesel engine of the company in most of the vehicles sold in Europe, while gasoline fans will have the new 4.0-liter V8 available. Is there going to be a new V12-powered version? Probably no, as Mercedes has hinted the V12 could continue to exist only in Maybach models.

The new G-Class will also be much more comfortable than its predecessor, especially at the back, where the leg room will be significantly improved thanks to the increased dimensions of the body. The cabin will be entirely redesigned and will feature a familiar two-screen layout, also seen in the new S-Class and E-Class.

Source: Mercedes-Benz on YouTube.

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