Red Bull says its pit crews need all the practice they can get. The team performed a pit stop in 3.2 seconds before a crowed of onlookers at Westminster.

One week before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, F1 driver Mark Webber of Red Bull made a quick pit-stop in Westminster.

The Red Bull Racing Team's F1 car made an appearance before the gates of the Houses of Parliament in London. In Parliament Square, the Red Bull pit crew performed a 3.2 second pit-stop before a crowd of stunned onlookers.

Webber, an Australian driver for Red Bull, will be back after a spectacular crash at the European Grand Prix race in Valencia, Spain at the end of June which he fortunately escaped with only minor injuries.

Red Bull staged the event in order to promote the F1 team as well as give its pit crew some additional practice under difficult conditions.