This could be a trick question.

Volkswagen reckons its Golf R can outrun a rocket. No, not one of those big jobbers that carry things to the International Space Station or send probes to Uranus. VW decided to pit it’s pocket rocket against a sky rocket – the kind you see at a fireworks celebration, perhaps to mark the end of a year while ushering in a new one. Can you see where Volkswagen is going with this?



Actually, the concept isn’t too far removed from reality. Funny cars and Top Fuel dragsters in the NHRA are known to accelerate harder than real rockets, and if you line up pretty much any modern performance car to a jet fighter, the initial victory will almost always go to the car. Substitute modern performance car with something like the Koenigsegg Agera RS, and the victory might even last beyond a quarter-mile.

But we’re not talking about hypercars versus jets. This is a skyrocket versus a Golf R, a car which boasts 292 horsepower and can nip 60 mph in just under five seconds. It’s a stout performer for sure, but in a world where factory-built muscle cars from Detroit reach the same speed in under four seconds, the Golf R doesn’t exactly light up the sky. Pun totally intended there, by the way.

Yes, we’re being completely ridiculous here. Of course the car won’t outrun a skyrocket, unless there’s something seriously wrong with the skyrocket or the outcome is craftily edited in post-production. But how else was VW going to get a snazzy camera angle showing fireworks behind the Golf R to wish everyone a happy new year? By the way, we love the disclaimer that the video was shot using a professional driver on a closed course, but makes no mention about launching a skyrocket horizontally like a freaking bazooka. But again, the explosion needed to be behind the car. So we get it.

The real message here is pretty simple, and we get that too. Happy New Year, Volkswagen.

Source: Volkwagen via Facebook  

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