Intentionally getting sideways on The Green Hell can be a very risky proposition.

By design, a race track is a place where people can explore the boundaries of both the cars they drive, and the skill they possess. As with anything that pushes the outside of the envelope, occasionally things go a bit over the edge. Combine that with a monumentally difficult track like the Nürburgring and open-track sessions that start at just $30, and you’re certain to find amateur drivers tempting fate on a regular basis.

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That said, many tracks do not allow drifting because – big surprise – most drivers don’t have the skill they think they do and crash, taking innocent bystanders with them. The Nürburgring is no exception, though with 154 corners from start to finish it’s pretty much a given that drivers will step the tail out from time-to-time, as evidenced by this video. It should be noted, however, that there is a major difference between an accidental dip into oversteer versus intentional opposite-lock antics. Getting a bit sideways is something that occasionally happens in racing, so we suspect the no-drifting rules apply to the latter.

As such, a fair amount of the drifting we see in this compilation seems to be more-or-less accidental. That holds especially true when the track is wet, which seems to encompass a good portion of this video. It’s actually a bit amusing to watch some of the more obvious missteps – usually identifiable by a terrific slide followed by a shaky recovery and slow,stable speed through the next turn. Others seem to step out on accident but decide to drive through it, again usually when the track is wet. Whether this ‘Ring hero captured below drifting a Renault van falls into that category or not, we have no idea. But we’re eternally grateful for what could be the most epic moment of the entire video.

Illegal Nürburgring Drifting
Illegal Nürburgring Drifting

Then there are the obvious folks who have every intention of dancing through corners. Generally speaking, if you have smoke rolling off the rear tires in mid-corner, or if you’re completely sideways well before the corner even begins, it wasn’t merely an accident. And we can't help but notice the endless parade of BMWs partaking in such action. Coincidence?

We understand why such rules are in place, because ambition often exceeds talent by a wide margin. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching people breaking the rules, though we must recommend that, should you fancy some drifting action, stick to dedicated courses where such things are allowed. It will be safer for you and everyone else on the track.

Source: EMS Nordschleife TV via YouTube



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