BMW used a flock of cone-shaped drones to make this ad possible.

BMW decided to depart from decades of history by making the latest M5 exclusively available with all-wheel-drive system instead of only powering the rear axle. In a new ad, the company finds an interesting way to show that the big change doesn't hurt the sedan's handling abilities. Any vehicle can drive through some cones, but the M5 takes on a bigger challenge by dealing with a course that can change its shape any moment.


The specially made cones feature motors in the base that let them move around. The clip below offers a behind-the-scenes look at their production and BMW filming the ad. 

There's probably still some editing trickery here. For example, the cuts in the video make it possible for the M5 to cover a section of the course, stop, reposition the cones in a new arrangement, and then film some more. However, it's still a neat idea and gets the point across that the M5 is still a sharp handler. Executive Editor Seyth Miersma came away impressed with the M5's all-wheel-drive tech in his First Drive: "Having just activated the 4WD Sport setting of the M Dynamic Mode, it took me all of two corners to determine that – as advertised – the all-wheels-driven M5 could behave just like a rear-drive car with a little goading. And yet, massive grip was still evident for straight line acceleration when I realized how far I’d fallen behind the car ahead, with its cleaner racing line."

The M5 also recently proved itself by setting the lap record among production four-door cars at the Shanghai International Circuit. The sedan covered the Formula One circuit in 2:22.828, which beat the previous record by five seconds.

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If the stock M5 doesn't offer enough performance, BMW confirms that an optional Competition Package is on the way. The updates would include a revised suspension, ceramic brakes, and possibly a boost in output to 640 horsepower (477 kilowatts), instead of 600 hp (447 kW) in stock form. Vague rumors even suggest that an even more powerful M5 hybrid might be under development.

Source: BMW UK via YouTube, 2

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