It's rumored that the RMS Carpathia arrived two hours later to help.

A first-generation Ford Focus is many things. It’s attractive and practical while being good on gas. It’s reasonably reliable, and being upwards of 15 years old now, you can buy them dirt cheap. It’s also a surprisingly fun car to drive, and depending your opinion of this video, it can potentially be amphibious.

One thing it’s not, however, is a Coast Guard icebreaker.


This aerial footage comes to us courtesy of WDIV in Detroit, where chilly temperatures combined with a water main break created an urban sea filled with ice. Enter our daring Ford Focus driver, who we suspect is directly related to Titanic captain Edward Smith considering the way he attacked the ice field at full freaking speed. And yes, like the doomed captain of yore, he sailed straight into an iceberg.

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Actually, steered into an iceberg seems like a better description here, and we honestly can’t understand why he made such a bonehead move. For much of the journey the Focus seemed completely willing and able to defeat the water, pushing it out of the way like a boss. We suspect the driver started getting quite nervous however, as there seemed to be an awful lot of wheelspin shortly before meeting his icy demise. Perhaps he thought the water was getting too deep and made a beeline for the nearest shore, not realizing he was actually headed for a massive ice dam. As for the driver leaving the car in reverse when he finally climbs out to assess the situation, that’s the death knell that definitively marks the end of the journey.

We won’t preach to the choir about trying to drive through water on flooded roads. We will, however, poke serious fun at Captain Smith for thinking he could save his ship by driving onto a pile of ice in search of traction, especially when he had a clear route in front of him. Dude, what were you thinking?

Here’s hoping James Cameron doesn’t get wind of this.

Source:  WDIV via Facebook

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