Toyota debuted a new GPS linked brake assist system that determines if additional braking power is needed when approaching stop signs. The system will be offered in couple in the near future.

Toyota is unveiling their latest technological advancement in order to help keep drivers safe.  The automaker has introduced the world’s first GPS linked brake assist system, which uses preprogrammed locations of stop signs in order to detect stop sign related emergency braking situations.

When approaching an intersection the system activates aural and visual alerts to inform the driver to stop.  Depending on the vehicle’s relative position to the stop sign a variety of warnings occur, if the vehicle fails to decelerate additional warnings are given.  By determining the vehicle position and actual force the driver applies to the brakes, the system can decide if additional braking power is needed.  Currently undergoing testing in Japan, Toyota hopes to offer the system there in the near future as part of their continuing efforts to help prevent collisions.

Toyota Advances Brake Assist with Navigation Link