Forgot the little loop from your Hot Wheels track as a kid because the crew at 5MadMovieMakers have a course that comes from a child's wildest dreams. The two-story, 141-foot (43-meter) path covers most of a back yard and uses a gap in the fence to snake around to the side of a house, too. It takes 25 seconds to travel across the whole thing.

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The course starts at a second-story bedroom and quickly picks up speed by heading down to a fence. A 90-degree turn leads to a short section of track, and then the car corners again to reach a loop. A sharp turn makes the vehicle follow the fence line and reach ground level. At this point, the toy has enough speed to cover a twisty section of the course. Several undulating hills lead through the fence and to the side of the house. The builders calculate things perfectly for the car to come to a gently rest at the end of the path, which isn't far away from the beginning of the home's front yard. It's an impressive journey. 

After showing off the entire track, the video lets viewers ride the course in first-person. A 3d-printed camera car makes the perspective possible, and this section is the highlight of the clip.

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Building a Hot Wheels track that spans a yard is probably out of reach for most folks, which is much of what makes this clip so impressive. The next best thing might be booting up the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One. It provides access to a bounty of loops, corkscrews, and jumps but doesn't require actually constructing long stretches of plastic pieces to make the stunts possible.


Source: 5MadMovieMakers Via YouTube



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