A couple days ago we reported on Mini’s new customization service for customers, appropriately called Mini Yours Customised. The program allows owners of eligible Mini vehicles to design and create personalized trim pieces – including special text – for both the interior and exterior, as well as custom door sills and LED door projectors. Mini didn’t mention any limitations on what people could say with the available lines of text; we surmised that colorful words or offensive phrases would be ruled out since the special components would be produced directly by Mini.

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Apparently we weren't the only ones thinking such things. The website AutoRAI.nl reports that Mini has a “black list” of words that the manufacturer will refuse. As to exactly what those words are, nobody knows. Plain-as-day profanity is surely out of the question, but could someone sneak in a cheeky Austin Powers reference or two? Lest we forget, the comical super spy’s father drove a Mini in the film series – can you say Shag Cooper? Suddenly this program feels a bit like trying to sneak something past the DMV for a personalized license plate, which we suspect is not at all what Mini intended.


That’s okay though; we’re sure there will be quite a few people with better intentions using the customized service. That’s especially true if Mini follows through on expansion plans for the personalization options to include special logos. We can easily see that feature being popular for companies that use Minis for their corporate fleet. Then again, aside from perhaps the Geek Squad at Best Buy, we’re not entirely sure what companies turn to Mini for corporate cars. We can, however, see Transformers fans ordering up Autobot or Decepticon symbols for the exterior side scuttles. Hey, technically they're logos, right?

In the end, the success or failure of this service will all depend on cost, which Mini has yet to disclose.

Source: AutoRAI.nl

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