Tuned Toyota's to hit the track in new Toyota (GB) PLC sponsored sprint series.

The Japanese have been providing affordable performance cars to the masses for decades now and Toyota have had their fair share of product offerings. So it only seems fair that Toyota (GB) PLC has signed up to be the major sponsor of the new Toyota Sprint Series 2008. A celebration of Toyota products new and old, the series aims to bring enthusiasts from all over the UK together to compete against the clock for top honours.

Toyota has some serious pedigree in motorsport, particularly in World Rally Championship racing. The rally Celica’s and Corolla’s of the 80’s and 90’s were race vehicles based of street production models such as the Celica GT4’s, so expect to see some of these machines competing. In fact, Toyota still participates in competitive rallying with the TRD branded Corolla’s in some countries such as Australia. So from the classic high revving 1600cc Mk1 MR2 to the twin turbo 6 cylinder shove of a Supra, there should be plenty of action throughout the year for both spectator and competitor alike.

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